All in one Three Tier Mega Link Building for money site

With continuous Google update, there has been really no short cut for building quality links.

We have come out with our best package to date – Three Tier Mega Link building. Google frowns upon sites created exclusively to generate links, as well as it imposes penalty for sites that give link to thousand of other irrelevant sites.

What we will do:

Step 1: Create a web 2.0 site related to your niche. e.g. A wordpress blog. The blog has to look real. So About us, contact us etc page will be there.
Step 2: Post five updates on site one across few days. These updates will be niche related images, videos, pdf, presentation, some news link etc. That way in our site there is multiple content, not just a single article pointing to your money site.
Step 3: On this web 2.0 site, write and publish a five hundred word unique article related to your niche. In this article embed two content links pointing to your money site and one content link pointing to an authority site. That way it is not just an article written to build exclusive link to your site. We will call this as tier one link.
Step 4: Now we have a pretty decent Web 2.0 site that is almost real pointing to your site. However link authority of this site is zero, as this site has zero link as of now. So we will generate Tier 2 links pointing to this site. For this purpose we will write another article. Then using spinner will create hundreds of version of this article. Now we will create tens of doorway Web 2.0 pages giving link to Tier one site. Also all pages created in tier two and tier one will be submitted to google using indexification services.
Step 5: Now for links created in Tier 2, we will go all out creating profile pages, social bookmarking etc and will generate thousand of links to Tier 2 links. These links will be called Tier 3 links. Yes of course these links do not carry much value, but thousands of these links do create some value. Also if some of this is considered spam, in worse case Tier 2 site may get penalized by Google. Your money site has no direct linking with these Tier 3 links.
Step 6: So that way, we create a nice web 2.0 property having hundreds of tier 2 links, those links in turn have thousands of links from tier 3. Please note your money site is getting just two but very powerful link from this web 2.0 property. You will be exclusive owner of this web 2.0 property. In future you can add more content or can contact us to keep on adding more content and links to your other relevant sites. In case in future Google Webmaster tool shows warning because of link from this web 2.0 property, all you have to do is simply remove the link from this site and your money site is still safe.


What is involved?: Most of this work is manual. Writing two articles, creating Web 2.0, posting news / videos/ articles to web 2.0 – All this is manual. Tier 2 and tier 3 links are obtained using SEO tools. The tool subscription alone is more than $300 a month.


What you will get: A working web 2.0 sites with working pages, 4-5 dummy content pages and one 500 word article having two content link to your site. This site will have hundreds of tier 2 links and these tier 2 links in turn will have hundreds of tier 3 links. You will get continuous updates from us on each step.

How much it cost: The cost of package is $19.99 To place order, pay using paypal by clicking link below. After making payment create a ticket with your details at